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An inspired and authentic Corsican food

Since always at the Casa, using fair local products is crucial for us 


Using local product might seemed obvious, but Corsica imports more than 90% of its food products. 

Thankfully, the earth of Balagna is still giving life to gardens, orchards and vineyards that grow on our hillsides...

Thierry Mahé, Chef

Casa Musicale gardens

We cultivate our own organic products in the plain of Pigna


The vegetables of our gardens are grown without fertiliser or treatment on the terraced lands of A Penta, U Lavu and U Laziu in Pigna.


Grown in the bright sunshine, our vegetables also supply a small open-air market on the village square during summer. For your delight, our keen chef Thierry will give them a twist.


A small farm market in summer to get our vegetables


The market usually takes place in the morning on the village square. If you have succumbed to the fruity taste of our beef heart tomatoes from ancient breeds, go home with our fruits and vegetables and reinvent your cook! We are also selling our home production of olive oil, available in limited quantities. 


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