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Ideally situated in the village of Pigna

An old Corsican mansion, a balcony on the sea


The Casa Musicale hotel has 9 rooms with sea or mountain views, 2 study rooms and a vaulted dining room, located near the ancient oil press.


New: Attached to the Casa Musicale, the Casa Consalvi offers 5 rooms in the heart of the village.


Chill out a moment at the terrace or in the lost garden


Have lunch and dinner on the restaurant's terrace, at the end of the day, don't lose sight of the unmissable sunset.


Take a green break in the lost garden, an intimate and peaceful corner of nature. The perfect place for an aperitivo with friends or for reading a book in the afternoon.


Names of room in polyphonies: a siconda, a bassa, a terza...

How sweet it is to wake up to the sound of sheep bells, birdsong or the rhymes of a verse in the early morning...

The 14 rooms of the Casa Musicale and the Casa Consalvi get their names from a voice or an instrument, inscribing its particular place or quality in the polyphony.


A little history ...

1985. Birth of the Casa Musicale and above all ... of a major cultural project

In 1985, the stones of the Casa Musicale began to breathe again, when some friends decided to set up their association there to take care of songs, cooking, exchanges and hospitality, memory and creation.


The walls of the Casa Musicale belong to one of the great families of Balagne. There was a time when children ran between the rooms, where the oil and wine mill was bustling, where the kitchen, then installed upstairs, produced food for all. The bread oven was burning the cistus that had to be sought far away ... A time when the richness of the earth and the delicacy of desires, together, allowed for a balance.

Casa Musicale today


For 35 years, the Casa Musicale has evolved with the times while remaining true to itself: a friendly place of life and culture that makes the heart of Pigna beat year round, summer and winter.

Ranked among the must-see addresses in Balagne, the hotel and restaurant are constantly reinventing themselves with each season to bring their share of novelties.

In addition to the hotel and catering business, the Casa Musicale welcomes artists throughout the year, some of whom are in permanent residence. These artists from here and elsewhere make the subtle resonances of a new development smile.

Pigna, a village of culture


Founded around the year 800 by Consalvo, one of the companions of Count Colonna sent by the Pope to liberate Corsica from the Saracens, Pigna has become one of the beacons of social and cultural experimentation. It is the seat of many activities on the scale of Balagne or Corsica.

Thus, after having followed the decline of the rural world, Pigna took up the challenge "of his life" in the 1960s. Two shepherds, a luthier, a pottery workshop, a music box factory, an engraver, a tailledoucier, an auditorium, a recording studio, a music school, the MUSEUMusica and five craft and food shops are now proof of this!


Since 1978, its cultural epicenter, the National Center for Music Creation VOCE, has been working in the field of research, creation and dissemination with the voice as its main focus. Its activity revolves around the Casa Musicale, a place of welcome and historical partner since 1985, the Vaccaghja open-air amphitheater, and finally the auditorium built in 2000. The echo of Voce's work goes beyond the borders of the island and hears its action at the international level, in particular through its Festivoce festival which takes place in mid-July, and makes Pigna resonate with the most beautiful voices from Corsica and elsewhere.

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